We are always on the look-out for ambitious, friendly lawyers to join YVA.

Here’s a list of why our lawyers love working here:

  1. We practice what we preach. We’re friendly, dedicated and expert. Our culture is nurturing and supportive, and puts relationships at the heart of the day-to-day. Recognising this, we ensure our lawyers are not over-burdened as client service is of prime importance. Having the time and space to understand our clients is truly at the heart of how we work. We are highly communicative and understand how important it is to keep our clients in the loop.
  2. We dedicate time to deliver exceptional training. We have grown our firm over the last 50 years by investing in bright trainees and these relationships are incredibly important to the future of YVA Solicitors. This means we take a personal approach to recruitment and dedicate time to train and support our whole team, but specifically our trainees. In turn, we nurture technically impressive lawyers who can work independently and are excellent in client care. Our focus on long-term relationships as a firm means creating a supportive, stable team is very important for us.
  3. Our success is your success. Our retention rates for both staff and clients speak for themselves and we continue to grow. Now is an exciting time to join YVA Solicitors.

If these reasons tick your boxes too, please get in touch.