The Government proposes to increase fees for claims of £10,000.00 and over to a figure which
equates to 5% of the monetary claim (but capped at £10,000.00).

Value of claim
£200,000.00 plus


Current fee


Proposed new fee

If the relief sought in the claim includes a non-money claim (such as an injunction or declaration) further fees (currently £480.00 in the High Court and £280.00 in the County Court) will be payable on top of the above figures.
For a Without Notice or consented application the fee will increase from £50.00 to £100.00. The fee for contested applications will increase from £155.00 to £255.00.
The Law Society, other legal professional bodies and judges have condemned the changes as a threat to access to justice. The Law Society last week issued a pre-action protocol letter as the first step to obtaining a judicial review of the increases.
If you wish to avoid being caught by the proposed fee increases then proceedings should be issued without delay as it is not known when in March or April 2015 the new fees will be implemented.

Please click here: Court Fees 2015

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