Compromise Agreements

Compromise Agreements – we shoulder your stress

Our employment specialist regularly advise on redundancy situations and are best placed to help you through a most difficult time. Redundancies are made where employment is terminated, but not as a result of being dismissed or because the employee has been considered to have been at fault, but because the position they hold no longer exists. Again, the process for deciding redundancies must be fair and an employee can challenge the decision. An employee who qualifies for redundancy must be adequately compensated and this is usually set out in the form of a compromise/settlement agreement. Our dedicated lawyers advise employees on the terms of the settlement agreement to ensure that it accurately reflects the terms of the redundancy offered ensuring that the employee received the minimum redundancy entitlement according to their age, salary and years of service. Compromise and settlement agreements are important legal documents and it is important that the employee is fully aware of the terms and understands the nature and consequence of entering into such agreement given the rights the employee agrees to forego by accepting the settlement terms. We provide clear and concise advise to allow the employee to fully understand the terms of the settlement to be able to reach an informed decision as to whether to accept the terms offered by the employer to terminate their employment by reason of redundancy. In most cases when acting for employees we arrange for employers pay all or the majority of our fees.

Our experts also advise employers and draft compromise and settlement agreements on their behalf.

Separate from compromise agreements, we also offer a full range of advice and services in all aspects of employment law matters ranging from claims for unfair dismissal, grievances, discrimination and equality and redundancies. We act for both employers and employees and our expert knowledge will provide you will clear and practical advice. We provide advice and assistance to both employers and employees in relation to internal procedures as well as acting in the employment tribunal in relation to contested cases of all aspects of employment matters, including successfully acting for a professional football club in a claim by a former manager for unfair dismissal following his sacking.

We also advise on terms of contracts of employments and any disputes arising therefrom. During the current Covi-19 crisis, we have provided very clear advice and assistance to both employers and employees in relation to changes in employment conditions, including advice on furlough

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