Shamil Patel

I am a partner and solicitor within YVA Solicitors. I joined in 2010 after working in Canary Wharf investigating insurance disputes.

I have a varied caseload that consists of contentious and non-contentious matters. I deal with all matters arising within the civil courts and tribunals. I find that the experience I have developed within my litigation practice is often put to good use when facing obstacles within non-contentious matters, such as property transactions. I always focus on trying to find commercially driven solutions through advice, negotiation and various forms of dispute resolution.

I come from a long line of freemasons and am actively working through my ranks. I have lots of other personal interests from cycling to reading and film watching, but finding time to fit all of that in is another matter. Clients know me as being the one who works all hours of the day.

I am a also member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers’ Association.

Shamil Patel

Twitter: yvasolicitors